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Hand Grenade Sriracha

Forget the boring stuff! Merfs Hand Grenade Sriracha is a sriracha on steroids. This award-winning sauce packs a fiery punch from arbol chilis, balanced by the sweet tang of pineapple and the smoky depth of roasted red peppers. A touch of garlic rounds out this all-natural flavor profile. Unlike traditional sriracha loaded with sugar, Merfs uses pineapple for a delightful sweetness, making it perfect for health-conscious diners. Enjoy a medium heat level that delivers a satisfying kick without overwhelming your taste buds. Merfs Hand Grenade Sriracha elevates everything from burgers and ramen to pasta and bloody marys. Get ready to experience sriracha like never before! HEAT LEVEL: Medium 7/10 Ingredients: roasted red pepper, pineapple, water, chile arbol, pineapple juice, garlic, white vinegar, salt Pairings: Burgers. Ramen. Spice up pasta, bloody mary, or michelada. Marinate chicken. Seafood. Soup. Dietary Notes: Vegan. Gluten Free. Sugar Free. Preservative Free.